Casino Game Protection Book (Autographed)


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Casino Game Protection Book (Autographed)
Steve Forte

The long awaited book by Steve Forte, who is without a doubt the best sleight-of-hand artist and gambling/cheating authority in the world, has finally been released. The book is “The most important, definitive treatise ever presented on the methods, detection and prevention of Casino Scams, Theft, Card Counters and all Advantage Strategies.”

It is a complete one-volume course in the science of casino game protection that features the most accurate and previously unexposed methods, techniques and equipment used to cheat at the games commonly seen in casinos.

First Edition: 2005. Published by SLF Publishing, LLC, Las Vegas, Nevada. 628 pages, more than 500 color photographs, 8.75″x11.25″ hard cover. This is a limited edition printing and may never be available in this format again. NOTE: This book is now out of print and this copy has been hand-signed (autographed) by Steve Forte.


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