Darwin Ortiz On Card Cheating DVD


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Darwin Ortiz On Card Cheating DVD
Darwin Ortiz

Darwin Ortiz is an expert sleight-of-hand artist and magician who specializes in gambling and cheating techniques with cards. He has lectured to many casinos about how to spot and catch card cheaters and is well known in the industry as one of the handful of experts on the subject.

On this DVD he demonstrates and explains more than 50 techniques that can be used to cheat at virtually any card game. So if you play Poker, Blackjack, or even a friendly game of Gin you should be aware of these techniques.

Techniques explained include: Push-Through Shuffle, Push Through Shuffle Variant, False Overhand Shuffles, Up-The-Ladder Cut, False Strip Cut, Two False Cuts, Scrap Cut, One-Card Cut, Cutting A Brief, Tap Shift, Slug Control With 1-Card Cut, Brief Shuffle, Slug Transfer, Large Slug Control, Overhand Slug Shuffles, Riffle Runup, Two-Shuffle Runup, Stud Double Duke, Draw Double Duke, Overhand Runup, Perfect Shuffle, Bottom Deal, Stud Bottom Deal, Greek Deal, One-Handed Bottom Deal, Bottom Dealers’ Shift, Holding Out The Cut, Strike Second Deal, One-Handed Second Deal, Center Deal, Chemin De Fer Switch, Machine Breakoff, Peel Breakoff, Shuffle Cops, riffle Shuffle Cop, Double Deal, Loading Move, Showdown Holdout, Breakoff Transfer, Hole-Card Switches, Money Switch, Second Deal Switch, Breakoff Switch, One-Handed Switch, Glass Switch, Italian Chemin Switch, French Chemin Switch, Chemin Switch Cleanup, Baccarat Switch, Card Cutting Muck, Cooler Move, and more.

Includes a reference card listing all 55 chapters. Produced by A-1 MagicalMedia. Running time: Approximately 65 minutes.

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