Don’t Bet On It Booklet

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Don’t Bet On It
Frank Garcia

Subtitled “The Real Secrets Of 3 Card Monte” this booklet was written by Frank Garcia who was known to magicians and gamblers as “The Man With The Million Dollar Hands.” The 32-page booklet is written in a chatty style and is full of observations by Mr. Garcia about his experiences watching the Three Card Monte swindle in New York City. Garcia concludes: “There is no such thing as an honest game of Three Card Monte. Remember, it is not a game, it is a ‘swindle.’ You will lose everything‚Ķ It is neither a game of chance or luck, it is a ‘swindle’ and a total rip-off.”

Although some of the techniques for the swindle are explained the majority of the booklet covers the psychology, choreography and mentality that makes the swindle work. There are also general discussions about gambling with warnings and advice about games of chance: “Small time gambling has been for the most part and always will be a crooked business.”

This is a warehouse find of the First Edition of this booklet that was self-published by Mr. Garcia in 1978. Currently out of print we have a very limited quantity available.

1 review for Don’t Bet On It Booklet

  1. Steve

    Very good; bought this book a century ago. Lost it and now Fantastic it’s back . Very informative book

    • Meir

      Actually, these are not reprints, they are the original copies that were found at Frank Garacia’s apartment after he passed away and were purchased from his estate.

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