How To Cheat At Everything Book


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How To Cheat At Everything Book
Simon Lovell

Simon Lovell takes you on a roller-coaster ride with some fictitious characters through the world of the con-artist. The book discusses and teaches many bar bets, street hustles, carnivals, internet fraud, big and small cons, card and dice games, and much more.

Included are extensive chapters about: Bar Bets, Unfairgrounds and Crooked Carnivals, Street Cons, Cheating At Cards, Cheating With Dice, Sneaky Ways to Beat the System and more. The scams are presented in detail, offering insight in how they are staged and why they work.

Published by Running Press in 2007. 456 pages written by Simon Lovell, illustrated by Alan Wassilak with hundreds of additional photographs, 7″x9″ softcover. Originally released as an oversized hardcover titled “Billion Dollar Bunco” published by L&L Publishing in 2003.


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