Poker Cheats Exposed 2-Disc DVD Set


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Poker Cheats Exposed 2-Disc DVD Set
Sal Piacente

Sal Piacente, a 20-year casino consultant who has worked for over 40 major casinos and law enforcement agencies worldwide, and “Charlie”, a retired poker cheat who has never been caught, team up to share their poker cheating expertise on this 2-disc DVD set. They reveal and discuss techniques, devices and psychology used by professional cheats. Subjects covered include: False Shuffles, Stacking, Beating the Cut, Peeking, False Deals, Location Play, Palming, Signaling, Marked Cards, The Cooler/Cold Deck, Holdouts, Shiners, Chip Copping and much more (some of this information has never been exposed before).

Produced by Pocket Aces, LLC. Running time: Approximately 154 minutes. Sold for educational and entertainment purposes only.


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