Poker Protection Book


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Poker Protection Book
Steve Forte

Steve Forte’s definitive book on “Cheating …and the World of Poker” is the most comprehensive study of the many methods that are used to cheat at Poker. Based on decades of extensive research, the book objectively looks at the dangers posed by professional and amateur cheaters in all forms of poker: casino game, private/home game, online poker, and tournament play. Along the way it illustrates and discusses most of the known methods of cheating.

The 360-page book is an expansion and elaboration of the 37-page Poker chapter in Forte’s best selling “Casino Game Protection” tomb. It also includes expansions of the marked cards, collusion, shuffle scams and holding-out sections. Chapters include: Poker, A Short History • The Cheaters’ World • Collusion • False Shuffle Scams • Holding Out • Peeks, False Deals, Coolers And More • Marked Cards • Other Forms Of Poker • Protection / Detection • Final Thoughts.

First Edition: 2007. Published by SLF Publishing, LLC, Las Vegas, Nevada. 360 pages, more than 225 black and white photographs, 8.75″x11.25″ hard cover. This is a limited first edition printing.


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