Revelation Book


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Revelation Book
Dai Vernon, Erdnase

This is the long awaited edition of Erdnase’s Expert At The Card Table with Dai Vernon’s annotations and original photographs.
The book includes a facsimile reproduction of the entire, original typed Revelation manuscript, the entire text of The Expert at the Card Table with Vernon’s annotations inserted at the appropriate places illustrated with the newly discovered photos.

Plus more than 100 pages of added material including Vernon’s explanation (with photos) of Topping the Deck, Walter Scott’s Second Deal and Double Belly Cut, the Ping Pong Shift, The Hop, Allen Kennedy’s legendary Center Deal and more.

First edition published by Mike Caveney’s Magic Words in 2008. 392 pages, 9”x11.5” hardcover, with dustjacket. With additional information and introduction by David Ben.


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