The Cheat — Special Edition DVD


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The Cheat — Special Edition DVD
Richard Turner

Richard Turner is an expert sleight-of hand artist who specializes in gambling techniques. In 1990 he released a two-volume set of videos whose theme was “Protecting Yourself at the Card Table.” This DVD features both videos plus additional bonus features where he performs his entire gambling act and a 13-minute biography.

Contents include: Eighteen ways of false shuffling and false cutting, stacking the deck using overhand shuffles, riffle shuffles, table faros, nullifying the cut, the hop, the one and two hand shifts, crimps, second, center, and bottom deals, peaks, playing extra cards, palming cards, the brush, hole card switches for five and seven card stud and Blackjack, the double discard, and much more.

Richard Turner demonstrates more than 100 gambling sleight-of-hand techniques. Produced by Showdown Creations, Inc. Running time: Approximately 136 minutes.


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