Advanced Strategies DVD

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Advanced Strategies DVD
Gus Hansen

Gus Hansen shows why he is simply the best strategist in the game. If you have seen him play you know that he is amazing, bold, reckless and daring. Find out how he keeps opponents off guard and guessing on this revealing DVD.

Gus talks about bluffing strategies, starting hands to avoid, knowing your outs, calculating your odds, how to play the flop, turn and river. Learn the strategies for playing multi-player pots, heads up, check raising and when to limp in. In this DVD Gus brings your game to the next level and shows how he intimidates other players with aggressive play and championship strategies.

This is program #2 in the Going All In Series. Note that this is a DVD-R and may not play on older machines. Produced by Get Poker Tips, LLC. Running time: Approximately 70 minutes. As seen on TV. (Suggested price: US $29.95).


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