Beating The Wheel Book


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Beating The Wheel Book
Russell T. Barnhart

This is a well researched book about wheel bias and gives the history of “The System That Has Won over Six Million Dollars from Las Vegas to Monte Carlo.” Barnhart bases his findings on tens of thousands of spins of a biased wheel–one that behaves a certain way due to damage. Although every casino discards dice and cards daily, none can afford to replace an expensive roulette wheel until after it has provided years of service. The unavoidable wear and tear over the years causes defects that players can capitalize on. Barnhart advises players to watch a number of spins before investing, noting which numbers repeat frequently. Using this knowledge, astute players will win regularly. Also taught is a system developed by the author, based on escalating small bets.

First Edition: Published by Kensington Publishing Corp. in 1992, 216 pages, 9″x6″ paperback.


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