Bicycle Favole Cards


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Bicycle Favole Cards

Victoria Francés’ Favole is a best selling book in the fantasy art market. The fantasy art created by Victoria is featured on many book covers, games and other merchandise. She is considered one of the best fantasy and Gothic illustrators of the world. Her striking designs and unique take on fantasy subjects are widely acclaimed.

Victoria’s fantasy world covers a wide range of subjects, from the romantic and magical Venetian channels to the dark underworld of Gothic vampires. Classic subjects are reinvented and now creatures are brought to life in a unique and impactful manner.

The cards feature custom faces and backs with each face being a separate piece of fantasy art.

Produced by the United States Playing Card Co. in full-color on Bicycle stock using the Air-Cushion finish and are the standard poker (wide) size. Limited edition. (Price per deck).


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