Extreme Dice Stacking DVD


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Extreme Dice Stacking DVD

This is your chance to watch world champion dice stacker Gerry’s amazing and innovative work and learn how to do it yourself. Gerry has won many major awards for his creative and entertaining performances with dice.

You will learn all the basics of dice stacking, the types of dice, cups and surfaces to use, how to make soda cans into dice cups, the proper methods to stack, hold a cup, setup your rhythm, pick up dice, keep dice in the cup, stop the cup, manage final loads and much more.

You will also learn advanced techniques including the corrective sweep, multiple pickups, dice stealing methods, loading dice, remarkable multiple cup techniques, two-handed stacking and other moves and dodges that will help you become an expert Dice Stacker.

Produced by Meir Yedid Magic. Professionally dubbed into English from German. Running time: Approximately 55 minutes.


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