The Open Book


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The Open Book
J.H. Johnson

This is an original 1933-1945 edition of this classic 1926 book about cheating at many different casino games, home games, carnival games and scams in general. The inside copyright by the author and has the address: PO Box 2482, Kansas City 13 MO.

The ad copy/tag line states: β€œThe Open Book,” exposing the tricks and traps used to befuddle the mind of the gullible public. Fore warned is fore armed. Read, learn and be protected.

Some of the subjects covered include: The Air Hold-Out, The Table Bug, Shiners, Cold Decking, The Touch System, Marked Cards, The Master Key, Cappping, Switching Of The Hole Card, Chinese Box Secret, Loaded Dice, Misspotted Dice, Beveled Shapes, Electric Magnets, Carnival And Fairground Set-Ups, The Swinging Ball, The Punch Board, The Car Rack, The Wheel, Pocket Roulette, Put And Take Top, The Three Shell Game, Fair Dice In The Hands Of A Crook, Bridge Whist, Pinochle, Blackjack Expose, The Capping Machine, Rummy Card Game Crooks, Beating The Races, Slot Machines, and much, much more. The book also covers subjects like: Spirit Manifestations, Fortune Telling, Tobacco Cures, Stock Swindlers, Money-Making Scams, Mail Order Swindles, and even an exposure of some marketed and published magic tricks. Also, of interest will be many stories about gamblers and their swindles and lives.

Published by J. H. Johnson in 1945 (apparently). 5.5” x 8.5” saddle-stitched, soft cover. 156-pages with many photographs and illustrations. Although the pages have yellowed from age, our copies are in great shape. These were originally purchased from the inventory of the Hunt & Company gambling supply house in Chicago. This is a collectible and is available in a very limited supply.


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